Money Diary Marketing Manager On 33k

Housing costs: £700 for my half of our mortgage. We made the decision to stretch ourselves when we bought this house. It’s big and was a great price for the location but needed so much renovation.
Loan payments: Student loan only. I’ve never been one to borrow money, except for the huge mortgage of course.
Savings? I have £8,000 saved, which is mostly what I put away ahead of my first baby. I didn’t really need it as I returned to work FT and got additional maternity pay.
Pension? I’ve got a few pension pots from different jobs and my current role has a really great pension. I pay in 9% and they contribute more than double that.
Utilities: My half of the bills comes to £119 council tax, £95 electric and gas, £100 water (paid biannually), £15 internet.
All other monthly payments: £850-£1,017 for my daughter to be at nursery three days a week, £14 dog insurance (he’s a mongrel so he’s cheap). We also pay £30 for our car tax and £350 insurance in one lump sum. Subscriptions: £4 Disney+, £4 Spotify.

Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?

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